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Administrative And Consulting services.

Administrative services.

  • Develop human resources plans and determine the training needs of human resources in companies.
  • Job analysis, job description card development, job evaluation and job classification
  • Analyzing and evaluating the performance of human resources in companies, preparing career development plans and organizing career succession.
  • Evaluate, study and prepare internal policies, procedures and regulations for human resources
  • Preparing training regulations, policies and procedures to train human cadres in companies and studying, analyzing and developing systems and methods for evaluating job performance.
  • Preparing salary, bonus and incentive systems, studying and evaluating salaries and bonuses for employees, and restructuring them

Consulting services.

  1.  Financial Consultations:- We provide financial advice to companies and public and private institutions to help them make the right financial decisions to reach the goals. Our advisors have extensive experience and are ready to provide all financial advice and comprehensive services in all financial fields.
  2.  Administrative Consultations:- Administrative consultants provide administrative advice to companies and public and private institutions in the field of administrative organization, administrative restructuring, strategic planning for the organization and other services and consultancy in the administrative field in accordance with the latest international standards.
  3. Economic feasibility studies: Legal specialists provide legal and technical advice to local and foreign companies and assist them in all legal matters.
  4.  Legal advice: We conduct economic feasibility studies for companies, institutions and various projects, where the company’s experts prepare various studies for projects according to all contemporary trends in this field, whether in the field of marketing, production or technical fields, as well as in the organizational, financial and administrative aspects to achieve the objectives of the feasibility studies For any project to ensure the success of the project through a full study of the circumstances surrounding the project as well as all the elements related to the project.