Legal Services

Legal service

  1. Pleading in all Iraqi courts and following up civil and criminal cases
  2. Establishing Islamic and commercial banking and money exchange companies and following up on their legal procedures
  3. Concluding investment contracts and considering investment lawsuits
  4. Preparing and editing various types of legal contracts and agreements concluded, whether between individuals each other or between companies with the wording
  5. Providing all consultations for companies and boards of directors, preparing them and getting them approved by the competent authorities.
  6. Providing all legal advice related to investment regulations, establishing foreign companies, issuing licenses, joint ventures, mergers, liquidations and other legal services in the field of foreign investment.

7.Providing all evaluation services for the assets of companies and their liquidation ((as an expert appraiser)) and preparing all reports for that.。

8.Preparing and drafting commercial agency contracts and distribution agencies in accordance with the regulations and requirements and taking the necessary procedures to register the agency in the Commercial Agencies Department, as well as renew it.

9. Establishing companies, amending the legal system, and restructuring companies of all kinds, national and foreign (joint stock companies, limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships and holding companies).