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Real estate development services .

  1. Providing support to investors in order to keep the wheel of real estate investment spinning. That is why we have provided comprehensive solutions compatible with the capital market, integrated market research and advisory services.
  2. We are working to encourage real estate investment in the largest countries interested in this field, ‘Iraq. Turkey, Dubai and other Arab and foreign countries, highlighting the most important real estate in the most suitable places for commercial investment in each country
  3.  Providing all real estate investment services that suit your request and business needs, represented in real estate for investment, successful projects, small investments and many more. Our services reach you wherever you are.
  4. Diversify our investment services in line with the wishes of our clients, such as exclusive agencies service, commercial negotiation service through the best negotiators, and evaluating and negotiating the commercial opportunity.

Project development services.

  1. Developing administrative procedures, managing operations, and developing and motivating marketing work
  2. Business development by facilitating customer access to products and services through the latest technology and establishing a franchise system.
  3. Business development in case of desire for expansion by searching for opening new markets and expanding the customer base.
  4.  Searching for investment opportunities and negotiating to obtain franchises for new projects.
  5. Business development by introducing and developing technology in the field of business.