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The Financial services.

Preparing accounting policies, rules and regulations.

  1. Auditing the accounts, using the latest auditing methods applied globally, especially the auditing method, which mainly depends on the study and evaluation of accounting and control systems.
  2. Preparing the final accounts of companies and public and private institutions.
  3. Closing the companies’ balance sheets.
  4. Designing the accounting and financial system.
  5. Preparing and designing financial control procedures for assets and inventory.
  6. Preparing the annual estimated budget and the method of controlling it

Financial analysis.

  1. Financial analysis of the company’s position, preparation of recommendations related to the results of the analysis, and the development of financial plans for it
  2. Evaluate the financial alternatives to develop the company’s business activity in accordance with the strategic data.
  3. Studying and evaluating the financial situation and proposing solutions and alternatives.
  4. Studying the situation of financially troubled companies and proposing appropriate solutions for them.
  5. Evaluation of existing projects, evaluation of partners’ shares and re-evaluation
  6. The application of total quality management with the measurement and analysis of the cost of quality.

Banking and tax services.

  1. Providing tax accounting services in accordance with the applicable tax laws, amendments and implementing regulations in Iraq
  2. Reviewing and approving the financial statements of companies and institutions for submission to the Tax Authority in accordance with the laws in force.
  3. Representing companies and institutions at the Tax Authority.
  4. Assisting institutions and companies in reviewing and evaluating loans and obligations and proposing appropriate conditions for the client’s situation.
  5. Representing clients “individuals and companies” in negotiations and discussions with banks and financial institutions.

Internal Control .

  1. Designing internal control systems for companies and institutions.
  2. Preparing internal audit plans and programs for companies.
  3. Financial evaluation of the system.
  4. Studying and evaluating the internal control system in order to improve and develop it in order to preserve the company’s money and property.
  5. Studying the accounting and financial system in order to improve and develop it and raise its efficiency and the quality and quantity of its productivity.
  6. Improving the quality and effectiveness of the accounting and financial reports and making them available in a timely manner to company officials.
  7. Introduce what the company may need in terms of rules, regulations and financial policies.
  8. Determining the powers and responsibilities of employees in the senior management and middle management.

Legal review

  1. Examining the financial statements of the companies and preparing a report on the financial position of the company in accordance with the recognized international auditing standards, where we do the following:
  2. Carry out audits and audits of the company’s operations in accordance with international auditing standards and in accordance with the provisions of the Iraqi Law of Accountants and Certified Auditors.
  3. Carrying out the review process at quarterly – semi-annual – annual – periodic review intervals.
  4. Preparing the financial report on examining the financial statements of companies and institutions and making observations and recommendations.
  5. Preparing financial reports on the effectiveness of the internal control system applied in the company