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About Our Company
A company specialized in consulting, administrative and financial services, information technology, project development, investment and real estate development. We invest our international experiences and development initiatives to contribute to achieving an economy and a strong foundation with our partners from major national and international institutions and professional service providers. We create creative ideas for all businesses, if you want to break the limits of imagination and achieve the highest standards of quality, then working with us is the beginning you are waiting for. We integrate again when we find our other half. This process of integration we call the "international initiative." We are all interested in helping to advance the Iraqi economy. We integrate and do not compete.

our vision

1 – To be the leading institution in the field of accounting and financial and administrative consultancy in Iraq in line with our principles and values

2- Encouraging and supporting the practice of the profession to provide high quality professional services, and to develop community partnerships to keep pace with our vision.

3- Contribute to the sustainable development of the economy by establishing pioneering partnerships in the region through our financial approach and our continuous enhancement of the value of our clients’ investments.

4- Pioneering training in the fields of accounting and finance, and strengthening community partnership at the local and international levels, in a way that contributes to achieving sustainable development in the country.

5- To be the first leading company to provide consultancy and development solutions with international standards

Our goals

1 – Develop the accounting and auditing profession, improve its services, contribute to enhancing confidence in the national economy, and provide specialized training courses and programs in the fields of accounting and finance.

2- Constant pursuit of the highest international standards of quality with full efficiency and effectiveness according to the latest new methods.

3- Carrying out all our services with the utmost professionalism and with all the elements of quality required by providing an integrated system of services at competitive prices in everything related to the establishment and restructuring of companies and the provision of consultancy and financial systems.

4- Providing successful and distinguished investment opportunities for our clients in the private sector

our policy Our future initiatives our values

1 - Social Responsibility: We seek to enhance our role by implementing a social responsibility plan that includes activities and tasks related to multiple axes such as preserving the environment, awareness, education, providing training and community initiatives, and an ambitious strategy for social responsibility.

2- The importance of the individual :- The success of our company is based on the quality, size and experience of our team members who are distinguished by their diverse knowledge of investment services, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and organization of companies, international law, asset management and consulting. Thus, our team enjoys the most widely recognized reputation and a proven history of success. We are a company committed to looking after the interests of its employees and the various communities where we live and work.

3- A true partnership: We believe in building strong partnerships with local companies. Our commitment to our partners is an important pillar of our company's success, and we are constantly keen to support this success through trust and professional best practices.

4- Intellectual leadership:- We believe that intellectual leadership is one of the most important pillars of the success of our company. Our team's same rank attests to their creativity in their different areas of expertise.

1 - Creating value-added services to meet the needs of the beneficiaries: - Activating business development to create value-added products and services. - Re-drafting the amendment of the system, bylaws, and related regulations to be an attractive profession.

2- Raising the efficiency and effectiveness of internal procedural processes and transforming them into a digital environment: - Investing databases and information

3- Enhancing accounting and auditing standards to enable the Iraqi economy: - Participation in the project to shift from the cash basis to the accrual basis

 - Establishing a unified center for communication, support and assistance.

4- Providing an attractive environment for distinguished national cadres and stimulating creativity and innovation: - Capital shift from material to human

1 - Professionalism: We do our utmost to work on providing an integrated system of consultations based on professionalism in providing advice and support, and we are committed to independence and credibility in all our projects and in preparing business.

2- Excellence and Excellence:- We are distinguished by a team that accepts nothing but excellence as a title for it, depending on experience, professionalism and team spirit, which is one of the clear features, so our ambition was…. superiority over ourselves.

3- Transparency and trust:- are the most prominent features of our relationship with our customers, partners, allies, employees, and our conviction of the importance of building long-term relationships with the customer that makes us dedicated to working to gain his trust through clear dealings characterized by the highest levels of purity and transparency. This is our key to enhancing our credibility and standing with our clients, and establish long-term relationships with them.

4- Creativity, innovation and development:- All our operations are subject to the highest standards of performance control, and we are committed to providing our clients with creative and innovative solutions in the economic field. Maintaining and developing it, in light of the world of finance, which is the most important feature of change.

5- Integrity and honesty: We encourage honesty and confidentiality of information by adhering to the highest ethical standards. Professional honesty in all our financial and professional matters is one of our most important strengths, and our customers are our partners. We strive to satisfy them through constructive communication to obtain customer satisfaction, and to achieve outputs that lead to excellence and creativity that he feels.

6- Quality and professionalism:- We work professionally in line with the great confidence that our customers give us, which motivates us to provide services at a high level of professionalism and professionalism, that live up to their aspirations and even exceed them. The company guarantees to provide added value to our customers.

Our Mission

We work to establish new standards in the provision of accounting and legal auditing business services and financial and administrative consultancy through a selection of highly qualified experts and global expertise. We are united by lofty values and goals. Faith and challenge motivate us to provide a unique experience to our clients that establishes a long-term partnership and increases the community’s confidence in the accounting and auditing profession. and upgrading it.